With his native roots set in Ogden, Utah, Caleb Wendt has written most of the music for Caleb and the Canvas under the shade of the jagged Rocky Mountains. His music resembles the heart of folk music and narrative story telling. Alternative and indie rock influenced Caleb's desire for strong and distinct leads throughout his music.  Currently Caleb Wendt is working on his second album and different musical projects with local artists, Morgan Thomas and Richard Rivera.

Caleb found a love for live music at an early age, and soon found his gift to perform as well.  While wrestling with inevitable stage fright, he began a 10 year journey discovering his heart for song writing and singing.  Attending boarding school at Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu, India, Caleb grew to love the beauty of rock and roll while in such a colorful and captivating place.  After returning stateside Caleb joined the military, and for four years, experienced a part of life that will follow him all his days. It was in the military Caleb speaks about seeds of vision with stories to tell.  Upon finishing up his four years of military Caleb sought out careers that amounted to a struggle impacting years of discovery.  “The problem with being a creative is we are never content with sitting, and creating music, it can’t be put into a box.” says Caleb,  While in college Caleb met his beautiful wife Tanya and they spent the better part of their twenties discovering meaning and value and the pursuits of life in relationship with being entangled in. Currently Tanya and Caleb Wendt have five beautiful children.

  Caleb Wendt’s focus on relationships with friends and family is easily seen as a priority from all who know him.  It is from these relationships that Calebs inspiration comes. A still small voice echos from every heart of humanity and Caleb’s music is an expression of this. Caleb’s focus is on simultaneously loving God and people.  As his love and understanding of meaningfulness grows so does the music of Caleb’s expression.  

  Currently Caleb is focusing on reaching as many ears as possible to share his first album, Water River Home.  He is currently working on his second album with plans of release for Fall of 2019.  Keep up with current events by signing up to be on the mailing list. Stay in touch and check out Calebs music where ever music is found.  Also all the projects will be updated here first as they happen.